Tale of the Tape: Cloud Based vs Standalone

Cloud Based vs Standalone

This Tale of the Tape briefly explores the comparison between cloud-based systems and standalone software when handling PSM/RMP compliance.

Cloud v Standalone table.PNG

In summary, cloud-based systems are best for facilities who have a corporate structure that requires remote collaboration and integrated solutions that tie a complete system together. However, implementing these systems can be expensive and require a company-wide strategy.


Standalone systems are more cost effective and have lower user barriers but can be difficult to maintain consistency throughout your PSM program. These programs work better for companies that allow units or sites to build their own program.


We recommend integrated cloud-based systems to our clients as there are solutions out there which can be extremely efficient and cost effective. This helps with consistency issues and takes stress off your PSM Engineers. However, the end decision will be heavily based on the corporate structure of the facility. As always, these solutions are not one size fits all. A combination of cloud based and standalone may be the best option for your facility. 


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